Turkey’s Erdogan says ECHR ruling on jailed politician supports terrorism

Source:Reuters Date:21Nov2018

Hours after the ECHR’s ruling, Erdogan dismissed the ruling as not binding and, without elaborating, said Turkey would take steps against the decision.

ECHR rulings are legally binding, but there have been many instances in which Turkey has not implemented them.



Erdogan may not abide by ECHR rulings, but hopes fo a thaw with EU are dashed by the   “long crack-down”:  


Friday’s arrests, days before Turkey holds talks with the European Union, caused alarm in the West and reinforced a belief that Ankara’s long crackdown has crushed not just Erdogan’s opponents but also Turkey’s last hopes of joining the EU.

The EU Commission’s foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini and the commissioner for candidate countries, Johannes Hahn, are expected to raise the issue of the activists during talks in Ankara on Thursday with Turkey’s foreign minister.