Turkey’s Ince galvanizes opposition hopes in presidential race

Source:al Monitor Date:07Jun2018

The polls are divided on Ince’s chances of beating Erdogan in a runoff. One that says it is possible is Remres, a new polling company, whose May 6-9 survey found that Erdogan would score 41.8% to Ince’s 41.3%, with 16.9% of respondents undecided or declining to answer.

A survey that indicates Erdogan would win was conducted May 11-17 by Metropoll, one of Turkey’s most reputable polling companies. Its director, Ozer Sencar, did not want to reveal precise figures, but he told Al-Monitor that Erdogan appeared on course to win in a runoff, with Erdogan’s percentage in the high 40s and Ince’s in the high 30s, excluding the undecided.