Turkish Interventionism: Calculated Chaos to Consolidate Control

Source:Harvard Review Date:24Oct2023

I don’t necessarily agree with the conclusions but expansive review of Turkish foreign policy and her objectives.


When discussing major powers within international politics, Türkiye is not normally the first country that comes to mind.  However, in the past two decades, Türkiye has positioned itself to be one of the upcoming major influences in global politics. The country’s geographical and political positioning between Europe and the Middle East and the solidification of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s leadership in the 2023 presidential elections suggest that Türkiye’s current international strategy—building many conflicting relationships and strategically playing opposite sides—will only continue. Türkiye has built unique relationships in the Middle East, within NATO, and with Russia and China that often conflict with one another. If left unchecked, this contradictory behavior will continue to threaten stable democracies.