Turkish Opposition Hopes 4 Parties Are Mightier Than 1 Against Erdogan

Source:New York Times Date:10Jun2018

International press  is giving  more space to commentary  about Erdogan losing, which suggests Turkey’s eternally divided and bickering opposition  has struck the right formula in this election. But, can Erdogan really lose?


NYT comments:  In two independent centers in Ankara, the opposition will collate the results on their own servers, with a manual backup system in case of electricity or internet failures.


This time, Mr. Ince has called on an army of volunteer lawyers to help challenge any fraud and Ms. Aksener has vowed to camp outside the Supreme Election Board in case of irregularities.

“You will have to remove me with a razor,” she said.

Daily Beast  adds: For once Turkey’s opposition parties are trying to break out of their various bubbles. Ince, the secularist, is noting that his sister wears the hijab and that he doesn’t oppose religious piety. Aksener, head of a political trend traditionally hostile to Kurdish aspirations, has called for allowing the jailed Kurdish presidential candidate, Selahattin Demirtas, out of prison. Felicity, the Islamist party, holds campaign events featuring music and dancing.