US-Turkish Relations Could Warm; Turkey Should Pledge No Russian Arms

Source:Breaking Defense Date:09Apr2020

This guy must know what he is talking about:


Charles Wald, former deputy commander of U.S. European Command, is a distinguished fellow at the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy. 


See what he says:


For this to (military aid in Syria) happen, President Erdogan would need to deactivate and return Russia’s S-400 air defense system that it purchased and deployed last year in the face of open American displeasure. It could also open the door to discussions about welcoming Turkey back into the F-35 program.

The United States should insist on receiving additional commitments from Turkey that will help ensure it remains a loyal NATO ally moving forward, such as a declared mortarium on purchasing Russian weapons or systems. Washington should also impress upon Ankara that its hostile foreign policy towards its European and Eastern Mediterranean neighbors is counterproductive and will result in the US beginning to relocate its military assets away from Turkish soil.