Erdogan faces a choice — and Turkey’s democracy is at stake

Source:Washington Post Date:21Jun2019

As usual, Asli Aydintasbas puts the nail on the head with this insighfull op-ed on  Erdogan’s choices vis-a-vis Istanbul elections and S-400 crisis. Her analysis of Turkey’s future path is definitely worth a read.



(s)taying in the Western orbit ultimately means Turkey’s gradual return to normalcy — and prosperity. Turkey’s place in the West is agonizingly complicated due to a strong belief within the country — not entirely unfounded — that Europe doesn’t want, and Washington doesn’t trust, Turkey. This means that every hiccup in the relationship, from the inability of the Europeans to develop a strategic vision to the American support for the Syrian Kurds, gets seen through a prism of insecurity and distrust.

Erdogan and his supporters might no longer see much value in being part of “the West.” But this is wrong. It is precisely our membership in this club that has made Turkey rich and powerful for almost 70 years. Institutionally and economically, we are too integrated. Drifting from the West would result in instability, ruin our institutions and lead to an economic decline.