How will the New Trump White House get along with Erdoğan?

Source:Ahval News Date:11Jul2018

Turkey’s veteren Washington affairs correspondent Ilhan Tanir describes the future of US-Turkey relations:

Contrary to what the Turkish foreign minister has said, the Trump team does not seem likely to get involved with the F-35 issue, at least for now. Not only that, the White House did not even issue a press statement about Trump’s phone call to congratulate Erdoğan on his election victory. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders declined to comment on the call and said she would look into whether Trump had congratulated Erdoğan.

The U.S. government has also not sent any special delegation for Erdoğan’s inauguration ceremony for Monday, but is only represented by the U.S. current top diplomat, Kosnett.

In light of this series of appointments, Turkish-U.S. relations are set for a bumpy ride.