Idlib front, Iran’s weakening foreign operation capacity: analysis

Source:Yeni Safak English Date:15Feb2020

This analysis appeared in pro-AKP Yeni Safak, and is one of many critising Russia and Iran vis-a-vis their Syria policy.  The tide is changing


Following the Arab spring, the historical competition between Iran and Turkey has gained momentum.

While Turkey is supporting grassroots movements in the region within the framework of stable peace and democratization vision, Iran is making use of the lack of authority by reorganizing proxy powers similar to Hezbollah, utilizing differences between sects, thus creating its own faithful Shiite militia forces.

In this process, the two countries have different visions for the Middle East and created more tension in relations.

Turkey’s vision of regional development and integration is pitched against Iran’s regional strategy prioritizing geopolitical wins. The most important grounds for this conflict has become Syria.