Idlib government chief urges defense against Assad attack

Source:Reuters Date:29May2019

Idlib is Turkey’s new headache. Turkey can’t abandon Idlib in which case millions would flock to its borders, and Assad will become a neighbor  again.  The crisis in Idlib  could strain Turko-Russian relations.


Russian-backed Syrian government forces will be able to advance all the way to the Turkish border if they pierce rebel defenses in the northwest, a top opposition official said, urging Turkey to do more to shield the area from a major attack.


Hilal said the Turkish positions had been allowed to be established in the hope their presence would provide protection for the people. “But the reality says that these positions are not able to protect themselves today,” he said.

“We hope that the Turkish side will … defend these positions they set up and the areas they entered and prevent Russian and Syrian jets from flying in the areas where they are present, and the shelling of surrounding areas,” he said.


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