Islamist Parties in Turkey: A Perpetual Matryoshka

Source:Middle East Forum Date:20Mar2020

Notwithstanding the awkward title, this analysis by Turkey expert Mr Burak Bekdil draws excellent conclusions about Turkey’s right-left divide and the prospects for a regime change:  

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Former Turkish Prime Minister Forms Party in Challenge to Erdogan

Source:New York Times Date:14Dec2019

Ahmet Davutoglu, once Mr. Erdogan’s closest ally, served under him as foreign minister and then prime minister until 2016. His break with the Turkish president represents a direct challenge as

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Domestic politics, Idlib sway timing of Turkey’s Syrian operation

Source:al Monitor Date:13Oct2019

Across Turkey and in big cities in particular, most of the Syrian refugees live in close proximity to AKP voters, either in the same neighborhoods or adjoining ones. Under the impact of the

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Turkey: old friends threaten Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s reign

Source:Financial Times Date:25Sep2019

In a country where the voting population can be divided into two roughly equal blocks that are pro- and anti-Erdogan, even shaving a small chunk off the AKP alliance — which won 52.6 per cent in

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Former Turkish PM breaks ties with Erdogan, ruling AK Party

Source:Yahoo News Date:14Sep2019

The AK Party, which has fallen under the control of a small team, no longer has the ability to be a solution to our country’s problems,” Davutoglu told a press conference in Ankara.

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Turkish voters welcome creation of new party by ‘honest’ former AKP heavyweight

Source:Ahval News Date:24Aug2019

Ahval News interviewed oridanary citizens to get a feel whether Ali Babacan and Ahmet Davutoglu could sway the hearts of voters.  The reception is generally positive, but Ahval should have

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Cracks Are Deepening in Erdoğan’s Ruling Party

Source:The Atlantic Date:25Apr2019

These moves have brought already existing divisions and discontent within the AKP to a boiling point. For years, members of the party have privately complained about their frustrations and

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Election setback evokes intra-party challenge to Erdogan

Source:Reuters Date:22Apr2019

Rumors of disgruntled former AKP heavyweights getting ready to stage a rebellion against Erdogan have been circulating for long, only to be dismissed by pro-AKP and opposition media. They are

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