Will Erdogan’s Afghan gambit pay off in Washington?

Source:al Monitor Date:31Jul2021

A serious article by policy expert Mr Semih Idiz, which nevertheless reads as a satire of Erdogan’s myopic and convoluted thinking.  He could curry favor simply by removing S-400s rather

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Who Are Turkey’s Long-Term Allies?

Source:Fair Observer Date:07Aug2019

Brief but very insightfull:  Does Turkey have a foreign policy beyond Erdogan’s  whims?   The broad picture of Turkish foreign policy under President Erdoğan is conflicting and

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Why re-electing Erdogan will be fruitful for Turkey

Source:Express Tribune Date:07Jul2018

We like to post controversail articles on our website:  In case Erdogan continues with his previous policies, it will be difficult for non-governmental and human rights organisations to function

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Are U.S. and Turkey Headed on a Collision Course?

Source:Cipher Brief Date:19Jan2018

Although the U.S. and Turkey engage in robust cooperation on the political, military, and economic fronts, Ankara has experienced significant changes under the leadership of Turkish President

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Egypt says Turkey involved in plot to overthrow country

Source:ENCA Date:24Nov2017

Is there any country with which Turkey is not quarreling?:  Egyptian intelligence accuses Turkish intelligence of involvement in a plot, together with members of the international Muslim

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Turkey’s foreign policy delusions

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:21Nov2017

“Lone wolf” columnist Ms Nuray Mert hits the bulls eye with this brief but very to-the-point  commentary on AKP’s diplomatic delusions.  “The more Turkish foreign policy

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Oil price more than Qatar hurts Gulf capital inflows to Turkey

Source:Financial Times Date:04Oct2017

Very interesting, data-driven article examining whether Turkey’s alliance  with Qatar is hurting economic ties with the Arab Quartet. The good news is that so far it hasn’t, but….

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