Three challenging scenarios for Turkey in Libya

Source:al Monitor Date:15Mar2022

And what if Bashagha attempts to enter Tripoli by force, backed by Hifter’s forces, without any reassurances on Turkish and US interests? According to Harchaoui, such a scenario might lead to a

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EU States to Deploy Ships Off Libya in Sign of Military Muscle

Source:Bloomberg Date:18Feb2020

Ohh boy, Libyan Civil War goes naval!   Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have been backing Haftar, who is also supported by Russian mercenaries, while Turkey has been sending troops and

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Turkey’s Gunboat Gambit in the Mediterranean

Source:Gatestone Institute Date:31Dec2019

This article explains Erdogan’s involvement in the Libyan civil war, as well as giving a very comprehensive acount of Turkish naval build-up.   With the al-Sarraj handshake, Erdoğan is

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Will Libya become Turkey’s next Syria?

Source:al Monitor Date:17Dec2019

The question now is how serious Ankara is about militarizing the Mediterranean situation and possibly escalating to military confrontation. According to two security experts and one energy expert

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As Rivals Fight for Control of Libya, Erdogan Says Turkey May Jump In

Source:New York Times Date:11Dec2019

Mr. Erdogan has more at stake, though, than stability in Libya. His comments about a possible military intervention come just days after Ankara signed a deal with the Tripoli government that

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