Turkey’s ruling party members stick with Erdogan


An excellent analysis by Pinar Trembley about the observed “stickiness” in AKP votes   Birol Baskan, political scientist and nonresident scholar at the Middle East

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Turkey: Is Erdogan’s “Magic Spell” Beginning to Pale?

Source:Gatestone Institute Date:24Apr2018

Research conducted in March by 50 teachers from the Imam Hatip schools revealed that students are moving away from Islam. “[Mosques] no longer serve people, but rather serve as a source of

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Turkey, US keep finding ways to vex each other

Source:al Monitor Date:10Oct2017

This article explains  why it will not be easy to resolve the visa rift between Washington and Ankara.  Essentially,  the ongoing detentions of US Embassy personnel could be part of a broader

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Supporters scramble to distract Turkey from Erdogan’s unpopular decisions

Source:al Monitor Date:29Aug2017

Veteran reporter Mrs Pinar Trembley uncovers  how AKP’s vast army of paid AKtrolls and media henchmen perpetuate its power thorough alt-news and  distractions.  A must need  to comprehend

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Turkey’s pervasive president may be wearing out his welcome

Source:al Monitor Date:29Jul2017

While I wouldn’t consider this article “unbiased”  it does review the evidence  for Erdogan’s  loss of support and the reasons behind it very well.  It is worth a read.

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