Turkey: why Erdogan gambled on a pivot to Russia

Source:Financial Times Date:14Aug2019

A comprehensive analysis of Erdogan’s decision to buy S-400s as well predcitons about the future of sanctions and Syria safe zone.   Here is the key paragraph:   The Trump

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Source:Newsweek Date:26Jul2019

Following a private meeting with dozens of legislators that lasted about an hour and a half, Republican Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota told NBC News that Trump “would like a little

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Turkey Stockpiles Crucial Weapons Parts, Anticipating U.S. Sanctions

Source:Bloomberg Date:02Jul2019

Turkey, girding for the worst despite encouraging messages from President Donald Trump, has stockpiled crucial spare parts for American-made weapons in case Congress sanctions it over a

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What happened at Trump-Erdogan summit


The focus of the Trump-Erdogan summit was Turkey’s purchase of S-400 anti-missile weapons from Russia.  Despite statements  sympthetic to Erdogan and supportive of the Turko-American

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Erdogan faces a choice — and Turkey’s democracy is at stake

Source:Washington Post Date:21Jun2019

As usual, Asli Aydintasbas puts the nail on the head with this insighfull op-ed on  Erdogan’s choices vis-a-vis Istanbul elections and S-400 crisis. Her analysis of Turkey’s future

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Turkey vows retaliation against possible US sanctions over S-400 deal

Source:Daily Sabah Date:14Jun2019

“If the United States takes any negative actions toward us, we will also take reciprocal steps,” Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu told Anadolu Agency’s Editors’ Desk in the capital Ankara

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Pentagon Steps Up Dispute With Turkey Over Weapons Purchase From Moscow

Source:New York Times Date:08Jun2019

In carefully choreographed steps, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan released a letter he sent Thursday to the Turkish minister of defense, Hulusi Akar, outlining the path the Pentagon is

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Concerns in Ankara over potential U.S. sanctions conveyed to Erdoğan – Reuters

Source:Ahval News Date:01Jun2019

Despite the Turkish official’s repeated statements that it will go ahead with plans to purchase Russian S-400 missile systems, concerns in Ankara fover potential U.S. sanctions have reached as

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US denies willingness to talk over S-400 concerns with Turkey

Source:al Monitor Date:01Jun2019

The US government has shot down reports that President Donald Trump acquiesced to Turkey’s request to discuss Ankara’s pending purchase of a Russian missile defense system, telling Al-Monitor

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Trump in Turkey: An Opportunity For Rapprochement or Mere Window Dressing?

Source:Eurasia Future Date:02May2019

Using the same logic, by calling on President Erdoğan in Turkey, Trump may well believe that the occasion of his first presidential visit to Turkey might be the right time to at least publicly

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