Meeting with Biden looms as critical test for Erdogan

Source:al Monitor Date:05Jun2021

To break the ice with Biden, the strongest card Erdogan could play is to promote Turkey as the best regional partner in US efforts to contain Russia and Iran. Though this card has somewhat

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More S-400s? Is Turkey Moving Closer to Russia Again?

Source:Yahoo News Date:04Jun2020

“Today we can say that Turkey’s orders for Russian military equipment stand at a total of $1 billion,” Dmitry Shugayev, chief of Russia’s federal service for military-technological cooperation,

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Turkey Declares Major Offensive Against Syrian Government

Source:New York Times Date:02Mar2020

A very useful primer on what is going on in Idlib, as well as among Turkey-Russia and USA   Turkey has asked the United States to provide Patriot missiles to help it against Russian and

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Trump offers trade deal, sanctions workaround to Erdogan for better U.S.-Turkey relations

Source:Washington Post Date:13Nov2019

Last chance to improve Turko-American relations   Another senior administration official declined to address specifics of the U.S. package but said that “this visit is an opportunity for

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F-35 Sales Are America’s Belt and Road

Source:Foreign Policy Date:13Jul2019

A very interesting take on why the F-35 fighter jet program.  “The United States uses the fighter jet program to further its own influence while leaving allies dependent”, argue the

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