Turkey’s Erdogan eggs on Syria’s Arab tribes against US-backed Kurds

Source:al Monitor Date:06Sep2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has come out in support of Arab tribes engaged in violent clashes with the United States’ top local ally against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria’s oil-rich

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Manish Rai: Way ahead for Syrian Kurds……

Source:Organizer Date:28Jun2023

But to reach certain accommodations, both parties must accept the truth. For Kurds, it is a hard reality that under current circumstances when they have Turkey standing on their head and with

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Western world turns blind eye to Turkey’s attacks: Scholar

Source:Media news Date:04Jun2022

Having remained silent over Turkey’s attacks on Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, NATO and the US government are complicit in Ankara’s aggression, said Dr Cihan Tugal, a professor of sociology

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Pence and Erdoğan agree on ceasefire plan but Kurds reject ‘occupation’

Source:The Guardian Date:18Oct2019

The arrangement, however, appeared to be a significant US embrace of Turkey’s position in the weeklong conflict, and did not publicly define the safe zone’s borders. General Mazloum Kobane of the

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BREAKING: Turkey to begin Syria offensive ‘shortly’ despite mixed US signals

Source:Yahoo! Date:09Oct2019

Meanwhile, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said Turkish forces were attacking near the border. “The Turkish military is shelling one of our points on #SereKaniye Border with

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Erdogan: Turkey to launch military operation in northeastern Syria

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:05Oct2019

Turkey will launch an air and ground military operation in Syria in the next two days in a region east of the Euphrates mainly held by US-backed Kurdish militia that Ankara considers terrorists,

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Preparations completed along the border for safe zone: Erdoğan

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:22Sep2019

Final warning from President Erdogan to Trump. But, is he bluffing? Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the preparations along the border with Syria have been completed for a safe zone,

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No tolerance for US stalling on Syria safe zone: Turkey

Source:al Jazeera Date:31Aug2019

Erdogan was quoted in a CNN Turk report published on Thursday as saying Ankara won’t accept foot-dragging on the plan, comparing it to an earlier deal with Washington to remove the Kurdish

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East of Euphrates: Safe zone deal is not certain, risks continue

Source:The National Date:12Aug2019

US and Turkey agreed on a safe zone to the East Of Euphrates to seperate Turkey from PKK affiliated  YPG-PYD, but it can hardly be called a deal, missing almost every detail needed to pin down

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Turkey readies for action as U.S. talks on Syria safe zone struggle

Source:Yahoo News Date:07Aug2019

Trump’s special envoy for Syria said after an earlier round of talks on the safe zone last week that Turkey had taken a “pretty tough” position. “The Turks want a deeper

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