Turkey sanctions face possible wall in GOP Senate

Source:The Hill Date:21Oct2019

An embarrassment of riches:  Turkey’s saving grace may be too many sanctions bills competing with each other.  However, nothing in the article verifes the title. Strange!


McConnell, despite his unusually public criticism, hasn’t committed to bringing either sanctions legislation or the House-passed resolution up for a vote on the Senate floor.

He started the process on Friday of placing Graham’s sanctions bill onto the Senate calendar, and has placed the House-passed Syria resolution on the calendar. That does not guarantee either will be brought up for a vote, and initial floor guidance for this week from McConnell’s office did not mention Syria-related legislation.


Graham is also publicly pressuring McConnell to put the resolution up for a vote, predicting it would easily pass the Senate.

“I believe that same resolution, if brought to the floor of the United States Senate would get over 80 votes,” Graham said. “I’m urging Senator McConnell and Senator Schumer to find a way to do that because people are literally dying as we speak and we want the president to be successful.”