Turkey’s Russia Affair

Source:TurkeyAnalyst Date:26Sep2019

An insightful analysis of what binds Putin and Erdogan.   Author Mr Kiniklioglu also cites the costs for Turkey.  Let me add another one:  Turkey at odds with the west will never overcome  economic stagnation because it is inseperably linked to it by credit, tourism and trade flows.

Turkey’s deepening partnership with Russia needs to be situated within a larger context. Turkey is moving closer toward Russia at a time when the West is beset by considerable turmoil. Seen from Ankara, both Europe and the U.S. increasingly look weaker, divided and ideologically adrift. Above all, though, Ankara’s pivot toward Moscow is driven by the domestic political needs of the Turkish leadership. The primary benefit of deepening the relationship with Russia lies in the legitimization of the current authoritarian rule. Yet ultimately the endeavor to reorient Turkey toward Russia and Eurasia faces the challenge that Turkey’s democratic tradition poses.