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Introducing Our Turkey Research Services

Murat Ucer and Atilla Yesilada have been collaborating to provide research about Turkish economy, politics and policy, including on selected topics such as banking, energy and regulatory issues to New York based global research firm, GlobalSource Partners (GSP). Istanbulanalytics is an independent research platform, where they display their products and select articles/research about the country...

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How to access our services

Turkey’s uniquely complex operating environment with its rapidly changing economic and political parameters renders analytical assistance to decision making indispensable. With our 50 years of combined experience in economic, policy and regulatory research, we firmly believe we can add value to your understanding of and business operations in Turkey...

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Turkey in the Foreign Press

Erdogan US Visit Seen as Opportunity to Reset Ties

25Sep2018 Source: Voice of America

Erdogan sent a reminder of the potential for a further escalation in bilateral tensions over Syria. In a speech Monday in New York, the Turkish president warned his armed forces are ready to Read More...

Pompeo Says U.S May Hold Talks With Turkey on Pastor This Week

25Sep2018 Source: Bloomberg

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the U.S. may hold more talks with Turkey on a U.S. pastor the country is holding and he could be released this month. A State Department official said Read More...

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Atilla's Musings

The Myth of Authoritarian Competence


An in-depth study of one-man regimes and how Turkey’s brought economic and democratic ruin:   For nearly six months, one of the world’s top economies has been gripped by crisis, Read More...

Report to Congress on U.S.-Turkey Relations


Great background material about Turko-American relationship and Turkish foreign policy objectives at large.Read More...

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Murat's Musings

Turkish crisis in the spotlight – IV


We are more than a little behind on this one, as these articles should have been posted up earlier (though some have already been done so in our Turkey in the Foreign Press section ), but we Read More...

Turkish crisis in the spotlight – III


Here is another update or compilation of stuff that has been coming out on Turkey’s economic troubles these days — (for our previous installment, click here). In a Bruegel post, S. Read More...

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