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Introducing Our Turkey Research Services

Murat Ucer and Atilla Yesilada have been collaborating to provide research about Turkish economy, politics and policy, including on selected topics such as banking, energy and regulatory issues to New York based global research firm, GlobalSource Partners (GSP). Istanbulanalytics is an independent research platform, where they display their products and select articles/research about the country...

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How to access our services

Turkey’s uniquely complex operating environment with its rapidly changing economic and political parameters renders analytical assistance to decision making indispensable. With our 50 years of combined experience in economic, policy and regulatory research, we firmly believe we can add value to your understanding of and business operations in Turkey...

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Turkey in the Foreign Press

Trump: US will not hand over Erdoğan foe for Turkey

18Nov2018 Source: The Hill

Trump told reporters at the White House before leaving for a trip to California that extraditing exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen was “not under consideration.” He added that Read More...

Poll Shows 41 Pct Support for Erdogan’s AK Party, 25 Pct for Opposition

18Nov2018 Source: The Globe Post

We cover polls in our Weekly Reports.  This very detailed Metropoll  survey of attitudes is actually bad news for AKP, because there is no guarantee that undecideds will choose the party on Read More...

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Atilla's Musings

Turkish Policy in Syria: Divining Intent and Options for the United States


Aaron Stein nails it on the head:  Without a Turkish-PKK ceasefire, the threat of a broader conflict in Syria will remain. It is in the United States’ longer-term interest to mitigate future Read More...

Factbox: Greece’s territorial waters and Turkey


A Greek view on  the territorial waters dispute in the Aegean Sea.  Mostly impartial.   Why is Turkey taking issue with Greece’s maritime border expansion? A decision to extend Greek Read More...

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Murat's Musings

Turkish crisis in the spotlight – IV


We are more than a little behind on this one, as these articles should have been posted up earlier (though some have already been done so in our Turkey in the Foreign Press section ), but we Read More...

Turkish crisis in the spotlight – III


Here is another update or compilation of stuff that has been coming out on Turkey’s economic troubles these days — (for our previous installment, click here). In a Bruegel post, S. Read More...

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