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Introducing Our Turkey Research Services

Murat Ucer and Atilla Yesilada have been collaborating to provide research about Turkish economy, politics and policy, including on selected topics such as banking, energy and regulatory issues to New York based global research firm, GlobalSource Partners (GSP). Istanbulanalytics is an independent research platform, where they display their products and select articles/research about the country...

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How to access our services

Turkey’s uniquely complex operating environment with its rapidly changing economic and political parameters renders analytical assistance to decision making indispensable. With our 50 years of combined experience in economic, policy and regulatory research, we firmly believe we can add value to your understanding of and business operations in Turkey...

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Turkey in the Foreign Press

Turkey’s education system is not up to global standards: PISA director

13Nov2017 Source: Hurriyet Daily News

Readers of our reports will testify that we have argued  since 2012 that Turkish growth is unsustainable.  Weak capital investment, poor institutions and a decrepit education system deforming  Read More...

Turkey Premier Says Expects Justice in U.S., Not Prisoner Swaps

12Nov2017 Source: Bloomberg

Yildirim came back from Washington DC empty-handed, as this Bloomberg interview clearly demonstrates. What happens next is described in an Monitor article by economist Mr Mustafa Sonmez: Last Read More...

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Atilla's Musings

A Turkish-Iranian businessman may now be cooperating with investigators looking into Michael Flynn


WOW!!!.  As far as Turko-American relations go, the title  of this article could be the bomb shell of the century.  The article claims:   The release of a well-connected Turkish-Iranian Read More...

Muslims, money and democracy in Turkey


AKP managed to expand Turkey’s middle class, as well as bringing in the formerly “disenfranchised” Islamists ot its center. Yet, contrary to accepted wisdom, a prosperous  and Read More...

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Murat's Musings

September Trade Deficit: Core imports brake a record, as exports stagnate


Today’s release of September trade data by Turkstat was exactly in line with the preliminary Customs Ministry Data released in early October, with the 12-month rolling deficit rising Read More...

TWF to the rescue?


Bloomberg has recently reported that Turkey’s newly established Sovereign Wealth Fund, or the Turkish Wealth Fund (TWF) as it is called, is in talks with foreign lenders, including the Read More...

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