The EU Will Bow to Erdogan’s Demands. Why Wait?

Source:Bloomberg Date:11Mar2020

A cynical but plausible scenario by my favrotie Bobby Gosh on the Turkey-EU refugee crisis:


Both sides know that these histrionics, while they play well to domestic audiences, will not advance the plot. Soon, the curtain must rise on Act 2, in which the players move toward some kind of resolution. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already indicated a willingness to do so. Her European colleagues will take some persuading.

It would help everybody, but especially the refugees, if the players could move swiftly to Act 3, in which Europe pledges more resources, and Erdogan agrees — grudgingly, and with many vituperative asides for the gallery — to keep the refugees in Turkey. Since that is the only possible outcome, the sooner it comes the better.